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pyongyang daily
"The people are my God"
03rd Feb 14 • 10 notes • Reblog
New Year decoration in the lobby of Koryo Hotel, Pyongyang. Lunar New Year Juche 97(2008).
14th Jan 14 • 10 notes • Reblog
"Menu, Pyongyang Dog Meat Restaurant"
14th Jan 14 • 4 notes • Reblog
“Pyongyang Dog Meat Restaurant”
14th Jan 14 • 9 notes • Reblog
“Yanggak Islet from Yanggakdo Hotel, Pyongyang”
12th Jan 14 • 26 notes • Reblog
“Taehak Street in snow, Pyongyang”
12th Jan 14 • 29 notes • Reblog
“Children playing in the snow at Kim Il Sung Square, Pyongyang”
12th Jan 14 • 6 notes • Reblog
“Pyongyang-Hyangsan motorway near Taegam Village, Sunan District, Pyongyang”
12th Jan 14 • 12 notes • Reblog
"Sunset over Sinuiju Plain"
11th Jan 14 • 11 notes • Reblog
“Former NBA star Dennis Rodman smokes a cigar court side as he talks to North Korean basketball players during a practice session in Pyongyang. Rodman selected the lineup for the North Korean team which will play against US NBA stars next Jan. 8 in Pyongyang, the birthday of leader Kim Jong Un.”
11th Jan 14 • 5 notes • Reblog
“Dennis Rodman holds basketball try outs for North Korean players today to decide who will go up against NBA veterans coming to Pyongyang for a game next Jan. 8. See our AP story to find out more:”